Is this a dagger wich I see before me, the handle toward me?


Further information destroyed
by occupying power !
Clay - Taylor - Debevoise


Where is Movie Dick Moving?

Where are the papers of Judge Young ?

L.E.E.B. got big donation
from.......Adolf !

Dear Fellow Travellers, Gentle Nodding Donkeys, Lend me Your Ears
Honorable Telford TAYLOR wrote a few books about the Holocaust. Pittyful eniough the "absent-minded-ness" Professor-At-Law overlooked the Defense Activities of Great Strategist Fieldmarshall Wilhelm Ritter von LEEB, later related Family-At-Law. Katrina LEEB married Dickinson R. DEBEVOISE,
Family-in-Law of Telford TAYLOR: see topic All-in-the-Family




To be continued...